September 13th, 2022

Fallon, Josh and Brooks walk in the back and they see Toxic Attraction and Brooks is nervous as he talks about the photo from last week. Mandy and Fallon have some words. Fallon says she does not care how long Mandy has been champion and she is not afraid of her. Josh and Brooks pull Fallon away as we go to commercial.

We are back and Toxic Attraction is in the ring. Mandy says she is back from vacation. She says she called her shot and unified the titles and beat the two best people from that brand. I may even run NXT Europe too. Jacy says the three biggest stars of the brand are here on the anniversary of NXT. They are the super group. Gigi says when you think of super groups you think of Toxic Attraction. We made the NXT Women’s Tag titles the most important in the industry. She says that Katana and Kayden are holding the titles for them. Jacy says that Ivy and Tatum can pop off on social media all they want, but we will prove that it is Toxic Attraction and everyone else. Mandy says they are the baddest bitches in the world. Two time tag team champions and I am on my way to being the longest reigning champion in NXT.

Alba Fyre makes her way to the ring and she says that Mandy Rose may have unified both titles, but you know nothing about where I come from. I am from Scotland. We don’t brag because we like to hear our voices. We do it with hard work. You see a battle tested warrior from generations of fire keepers. You see your demise. You see the next NXT Women’s Champion.

Alba hits Jacy and Gigi with her bat and she avoids Mandy with the belt. Alba with a super kick followed by a Gory Bomb. Fyre goes up top and Gigi and Jacy pull Mandy from the ring.

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