October 22nd, 2022

We see footage of NXT Champion Bron Breakker arriving to the building earlier today. The panel hypes Alba Fyre vs. NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose now. We see footage from last night with Fyre challenging Rose to meet her at some sort of haunted trail. Rose is backstage with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne now. She wants to fight fire with fire, and meet Fyre at the haunted trail. Jayne and Dolin try to talk Rose out of going, but she says she will beat Fyre down and drag her back to the ring. Roberts predicts Rose to retain, and LaGreca agrees, as do fans online.

The Haunted House:

We go to the haunted house where the well lit interior of Mandy Rose’s Range Rover arrives. Mandy says they will find Alba and drag her ass back to the building.

Jacy says she is going to stay in the car. Gigi tells Jacy to suck it up. It will be so easy. They take care of Alba and there is no match. Jacy says they don’t need her but Mandy tells Jacy to get out of the vehicle.

They walk through the yard with their flashlights. A zombie taps Jacy on the shoulder and welcomes her. They continue to walk. They get to the house and walk past a zombie with an axe. Jacy wants to go back to the car because Alba isn’t in there. The door opens and Alba’s voice welcomes Mandy to come and play.

Mandy tells them they should split up but Jacy reminds Mandy of the split up horror trope. Mandy wants to know why Gigi is so happy and she mentions she loves Halloween. Mandy tells them to split up.

Jacy runs away when some of the statues start to move. Jacy is telling Alba she is sorry for everything she did to her and Jacy freaks out at some skeletons. Something moves behind Jacy and she turns around. Alba takes Jacy into her new realm.

Gigi walks into a room where Chucky is sitting. Alba shows up behind Gigi and slams her head into the table. Alba sends Gigi into the wall but Gigi fights back. Alba kicks Jacy into a refrigerator and closes it.

Mandy walks through the house and she kicks someone in an uncomfortable place. She tells him to put some respect on her name. The organ plays and Alba shows up. Mandy kicks one of the demons and Alba hits her with the baseball bat. Mandy hits Alba with the bat. Pumpkinhead takes the bat and Alba almost sends her down a well. Alba chokes out Mandy and carries her to the Range Rover.

Alba hits Jacy and Gigi with the bat and they are down. Alba says that she is not everybody else and she drives away.

We go to the Range Rover as Alba drives Mandy back to the building.

After the match, Ivy and Brutus celebrate with Julius. The ambulance drives away just as the Toxic Attraction Range Rover passes and goes into the parking lot. Alba kicks Mandy in the parking lot and connects with a forearm. Mandy with a kick and she runs into the building. Alba follows after her.

Unified NXT Women’s Title Match
Alba Fyre vs. Mandy Rose (c)

The two arrive to the ring brawling and the bell rings as they enter.

Alba with kicks and punches but Rose with a drop toe hold and punches. Alba with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Alba goes up top but Mandy pushes Alba off the turnbuckles to the floor. Mandy sends Alba into the announce table and slams Alba’s head into the announce table. Mandy with forearms to the back. Mandy with a shoulder against the apron and they return to the ring. Mandy with a running shoulder into the corner. Mandy with another running shoulder into the corner followed by a fallaway slam. Mandy gets a near fall. Mandy slams Alba’s face into the mat. Mandy with a snap mare and kick to the back. Mandy sends Alba back first to the mat and then follows with an elbow to the bicep. Mandy with kicks in the corner.

Mandy chokes Alba in the ropes. Alba with a back elbow. Mandy blocks a thrust kick and then both women with clotheslines at the same time. Alba with forearms but Mandy with a knee to the midsection. Fyre with a thrust kick and a gourdbuster. Fyre with kicks to the chest. Mandy avoids Alba and hits a spinebuster. Mandy gets a near fall. Mandy with a double underhook but Alba escapes and hits a sit out Death Valley Bomb for a near fall. Fyre goes up top and hits a swanton but Jacy and Gigi pull the referee out of the ring. Fyre super kicks Jacy off the apron and she lands on the referee and Gigi.

Fyre with a thrust kick and Gory Bomb but the referee is down. Alba rolls the referee back in and Jacy and Gigi hit Alba from both sides. Mandy with a running knee for the three count.

Winner: Mandy Rose

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