Mandy Rose and Otis are backstage. Rose says it feels like a long time since they’ve had a proper date. She’s booked a table at Otis’ favorite BBQ spot, a table in the back so no one can see how much they eat. She goes on teasing him with the description of a peach dessert and he’s loving it. She tells him to go get ready, she will do the same, and then they will meet back here. They go their separate ways and we see Sonya Deville walk up from the background. She was listening and doesn’t look too happy. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Mandy Rose doing her makeup in the back. Sonya Deville suddenly attacks. The screen briefly glitches like it was doing several weeks ago. Deville talk trash while beating Rose around. The screen glitches a few more times. Deville keeps the attack going and kicks Rose’s face into the ground. Deville grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting some of Mandy’s hair off. Deville says Mandy ruined her life and now she’s going to ruin hers. You didn’t believe me? Deville sends Rose back down to the ground. Deville goes back to the makeup table and looks around, asking what else she can do to Rose. She grabs a pair of clippers and turns them on. She’s going to shave Rose’s head but here comes several referees an WWE Producer Adam Pearce. They stop Deville from doing any further damage. Deville grabs a chunk of Rose’s hair off the ground and says she has what she wants. Deville leaves while Rose sobs on the ground. Pearce calls for help.

We briefly go to the announcers but Cole sends us right back to Kayla Braxton. We see trainers checking on Mandy Rose. Otis and Tucker are also checking on her. The Miz and John Morrison are talking to Braxton. They make light of the situation and crack jokes. Tucker yells at them to get out of here and they leave in a hurry.

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