November 7th, 2018

Paige is in the ring and she says in two weeks, the ladies of Smackdown will meet the ladies of Raw in an elimination match at Survivor Series. She says it will be combustible in the ring.

Paige brings out the first member of the Smackdown team . . . Carmella. She is joined by R Truth. The second member of Team Smackdown is Naomi. The third member of Team Smackdown is Sonya Deville. The fourth member of Team Smackdown is Asuka. The final member of Team Smackdown is Charlotte Flair, but Charlotte does not come to the ring.

Instead, Mandy Rose makes her way to the stage. Mandy says she knows that she is not the blonde you ordered, but surprise. It is obviously an upgrade.

Paige says Mandy is not taking Charlotte’s spot on the team.

Mandy wants to know why Paige chose Sonya over her. Mandy says she is really really really really happy for Sonya. Mandy reminds Paige she was the one who eliminated Sonya in the battle royal. Mandy says that Asuka is yesterday’s news. Mandy says that Carmella’s dance breaks are like her title reigns . . . short and meaningless. Mandy says she did not forget about Naomi but she asks if anyone is still feeling the glow, like your husband Jimmy?

Naomi with a forearm to Mandy and Sonya pulls Mandy away while Naomi has to be held back.

Mandy leaves the ring and Sonya wonders what is going on

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