May 8th, 2018

Mandy Rose def. Becky Lynch

This week we finally got to see Mandy Rose make her Smackdown Live In-ring debut, and what a debut it was from The Golden Goddess!

The match began with Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville having a conversation in the gorilla position. Mandy tells Deville ” Paige was right, it’s time for us to stand on our own two feet” just as she’s about to exit to the stage, Smackdown Live General Manager Paige pulls them aside, she asks Sonya “You’re not about to go out there with her, are you?” Sonya nods, and Paige exclaims “Absolution is dead” just like she said last week.
Rose & Deville retaliate, telling Paige “We heard you last week” “You can desert us for this new office job, but we promised we will never abandon eachother. Paige then informs the two that Sonya is barred from ringside.. the two retaliate and Mandy tells Sonya to just come on out anyway.

The screen cuts back to Becky in the ring, and the fun begins. We hear a seductive “Mandy” whispered through the arena. The stage is filled with vibrant orange graphics that read “Mandy Rose”. Mandy’s new theme song begins, and she emerges from the minitron.. alone. The sides of the screen then begin to blur, and all the focus is all on Mandy Rose. Her entrance is quite unique, she takes a step, stops, poses, and takes another step, she repeated this until she gets to walk-way of the stage. She then walks towards the apron, and does her signature apron pose we’ve seen before.

The match begins. Mandy quickly applies a waist lock to Becky and Becky throws Mandy off with a hip toss, followed by a takedown. Rose rolls out of the ring to regroup, as soon as she gets back in Lynch attempts to apply her signature submission, Dis-Arm-Her, but an attempt is all she achieved. She was met by a strong forearm smash from Mandy, before she places Lynch in the corner. “Who do you think you are, huh?!” Mandy says to Becky before she delivers kicks to the mid section of Becky while she’s trapped in the corner.

Mandy then whips the lass kicker into the opposite corner, and delivers an impressive running dropkick. Mandy then crawls back in the seductive way she does, before Becky meets Mandy’s signature bicycle knee strike. Rose attempts a pinfall and Lynch kicks out at the count of two. Frustrated, Mandy applies an aggressive chin lock to Becky while both are grounded. Lynch begins fighting out of the hold, but she is quickly sent back down the mat via a hair-pull mat slam. With Becky dazed, Mandy starts taunting her “What’ve you got Becky, huh?” and then an unsuspecting Lynch meets an aggressive fist from Rose. The two begin exchanging right hands, and Becky begins retaliating, ending the series with an uppercut. In retaliation, Mandy attempts to deliver a forearm smash to Becky, but Lynch is able to get the upper hand and for a second time attempts to apply the Dis-Arm-Her, but Mandy is able to crawl to the bottom rope just in time. All isn’t safe for Mandy however, as Lynch catches Mandy off guard with a Bexploder, followed by a forearm strike to a cornered Rose. She then attempts her signature cornered kick, but Mandy is able to catch Becky’s leg in the air and denies any offence from The Lass Kicker, Rose shoves Becky’s leg down and catches her on the rope and rolls up Becky for the pinfall victory. Becky looks extremely upset in the ring, but Mandy is busy celebrating on the stage, before she walks backstage.

The rest of the Smackdown Women’s division should be paying attention to Mandy, the future is most definitely Golden..

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