May 1st, 2018

Mandy and Sonya made their first televised Smackdown Live appearance this week. It starts with Smackdown General Manager, Paige looking back at a video of Mandy & Sonya mocking Becky Lynch from last week.

Mandy and Sonya walk into Paige’s office and the three greet each other for the first time since Paige’s emotional retirement speech on Raw, just before the Superstar Shakeup. After chit chatting about Paige’s new position, the conversation quickly turns to business. Sonya says ‘we know why you called us in’. Mandy then asks Paige ‘who’s it gonna be..?’ Paige plays back and fourth, and she points at Mandy and says ‘Mandy, it’s gonna be you’. Mandy begins estatically jumping for joy and exclaims ‘I’m gonna have a Smackdown Women’s Title match!’ but.. she’s quickly interrupted by Paige. She tells Mandy ‘You’re not gonna have a Women’s Title match, if you want that, you’re gonna have to earn it’ she then informs Mandy that next week, she will face Becky Lynch in a one on one match. Mandy looks somewhat upset and quickly retaliates ‘but.. we’re friends, you’re the General Manager, don’t you have some kind of special treatment?’ Sonya Deville quickly adds “we’re Absolution” but quickly Paige responds with ‘Well.. Absolution is…. dead’ Mandy & Sonya exchange looks of disbelief, while Paige awkwardly smiles at them both, and the segment ends.

Needless to say, we’re very excited to see Mandy’s first match on Smackdown Live! But the question lies.. with Paige’s statement about Absolution being.. ‘dead’ what could this mean for Sonya’s status as Mandy’s friend? Tune in next week to find out..

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